Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sexcapade #44: Porn Star of the Evening - The Sex Club Experience #2 (Part II)

"Can I suck your cock?"

Those five words, slipped from my mouth, were what boosted my sexual prowess to new heights. My night had just begun, and it looked like it was going to be a long night at this sex club...

The muscular Latino man leaned his body toward me, as my hand reached for his condom-covered cock, first licking the head, then enveloping his cock in my mouth, feeling the latex and muscle slide in and out, my lips taunt and tight...I closed my eyes just to focus on sucking cock, feeling at one with the motion.

A few minutes passed, and I hear excited murmuring surrounding me, male voices semi-whispering in the dark. I open my eyes, and I realized that a crown of men had surrounded me, their bodies pushing inward in a semi-circle. I realized that they're watching ME suck this guy's cock. As my eyes adjusted to the black-lighted darkness of the hallway, I realized that three other men had their cocks out, hard and proud, all pointing at me. And they were all at my eye level as I knelt on the floor.

I figured this was my chance to fulfill another fantasy.

I positioned my body towards the center of the semi-circle, and while still sucking the muscular Latino man, I reached out for one of the cocks in the semi-circle and started to stroke it, jerking him in my strong right hand. It was average, not too big, not too small, with medium-sized girth. Then, I lifted my head and stopped sucking the muscular Latino man without letting my left hand go, and started sucking another cock - this one was about 8-9 inches with very nice girth, looked like a Caucasian cock. I started sucking that cock, while both of my hands were jerking two other cocks at the same time. Then, I moved on to the last cock, started sucking on that cock, while my hand moved from the muscular Latino man to the white cock, and the process started over again a few more times.

I was pleasuring 4 cocks at the same time. I felt like a dairy farmer milking cows.

My hands and mouth were switching between the four cocks like I was in a factory assembly line – a Karate Kid “wax on/wax off” moment – where I felt my hands shuffling between the four men, my head bobbing up and down from one cock to the next, deftly sliding from one cock to the next.

I couldn't believe it. There were four guys in front of me, all wanting me to suck their throbbing cocks, and I was the only female. I felt like a champ.

Was this a dream? Was this real? Regardless of what was appearing in the midst of faint black-lighting, shadows and sex were permeating my senses, and the exhibitionist within me was starting to come out of the closet to play – in the naughtiest playground in town.

As the cock-sucking assembly line continued, I felt a hand slide into my jeans from behind, past my thong underwear, rubbing my pussy lips with his thick fingers. I stopped for a moment, a bit shocked from the sensation of fingers rubbing my clit, but it made my sexual ego boost a little more, adding one more male player in this act – count it, there were now FIVE MEN involved – and it felt so awesome. I was still in disbelief that all of this was happening.

From the four cocks, I had chosen a favorite – the 8-9 inch Caucasian cock. I like how it was shaped – he was shaved, it stood proudly between his boxers, had a nicely rounded mushroom head, and the shaft was pretty thick. I guess by this time I had focused so much time on this cock unintentionally that the three other cocks (including the muscular Latino man) had dropped out from the show. It was a bit of a disappointment, however...

The guy with the nice Caucasian cock pulled me off the floor and pulled me into the same stall as the couple we were watching earlier, with my clit-rubbing man following behind us. I finally saw the man who was rubbing my clit – he was short (shorter than me!), a bit stocky, bald-headed, and looked liked he was in his 40s. (Not much of a looker, I know, but then, this is a sex club) I saw him slip a condom on his cock – it was a bit small, probably about six inches, but a thin shaft – and he asked me to unzip my pants. The guy with the Caucasian cock sat on a bench inside of the stall with his cock still standing proudly, so I bent over to suck his cock. The clit-rubbing man pulled down my pants, rubbed on my pussy for a few minutes to check how wet I was (and shit, was I wet...who wouldn't be in this type of situation?!), and he fucked me doggy style.

So in about an hour interval of this whole story, I was able to fulfill two of my fantasies – sucking multiple cocks at one time, and a three-some with two men...WOW...I was still in disbelief, even while it happened.

And here I was, somewhat sandwiched in the middle, my upper torso bent over to suck this nicely shaped cock, and another guy fucking me from behind, his hips thrusting into was exhilarating. I couldn't believe that I was desired this much, an exhibitionist to put on a show, and they were all looking at ME.

After a while, the guy fucking me pulled out, and I stopped sucking cock since my mouth was starting to hurt from sucking. I quickly pulled up my pants and walked out from the stall.

The guy fucking me from behind gave me his number and invited me to a sex party at his house the next night, which I declined...although, it was definitely flattering, that was the first number I got that night...

It turned out that my skills weren't finished that night...there was more to come....

Stay tuned! Part III will come next!